Weekly Review: Mind Of A Dragon - "Lemonade"


I may be a little late with this review, so what?  The fact that Mind Of A Dragon's - "Lemonade" is still constantly stuck in my head since it was released this summer, shows how infectious the tune truly is.  Showing his softer side, "Lemonade" instantly hooks you in with those first warped chords, slowly introducing the high-pitched vocal melodies that lead the uplifting vibe throughout.  


While this may be one of MOAD's softer tunes, he still provides that hard skippy garage beat and percussive bass synths that he's known for.  Adding beautiful harmonies with the soft pads, it provides a warm, playful backdrop for the vocals to work off of.  The memorable chorus is also accompanied by some glitchy vocal edits that add that gritty element that we've all grown accustomed to with Mind Of A Dragon, providing a nice contrast of hard and soft in the tune.  Coming full circle, "Lemonade" ends as it started with the beautiful pads and the vocal trailing off in to the distance as it echoes out.  As soon as it finishes, you'll be ready for more.  Take a listen below and you'll see what I mean...