A History of UK Garage with MJ Cole

The big man himself MJ Cole discusses with Point Blank Music School his journey into UK Garage at it's very beginnings, as well as his thoughts on the evolution of it's sound and an inside look at how he produced some of the biggest hits like "Sincere" and "Crazy Love" among many others.


Personally one of my biggest influences, it was great to hear his transition from initially being a classically trained musician helping in the studio, to meeting pirate radio DJs and other movers and shakers in the scene to creating and releasing his own music which eventually.  Also interesting to hear his perspective of the development of the garage scene from being the biggest music in the UK to being a "dirty word."  Now it has come full circle and gaining interest again, and many big producer's careers have made somewhat of a revival with the new wave of UKG surging not only in the UK but worldwide.  MJ Cole is one of those making music again and it is great to have him back!  Check out one of his latest with Bruno: