Tune of the Week: Kah-Lo - "Fasta" (Terror Tone Bootleg)

Terror Tone is not messin' around with his new remix, this time of Kah-lo's "Fasta," a funky rhythm-driven mix with those oh so groovy Afro-Carib drums and a massive distorted bass that punches you right in the gut (in a good way, if that's possible).  Powered by Kah-lo and her unique style of vocals, Terror Tone brings the best out in her with an instrumental that'll get everyone and their mum out on the dance floor.  Introducing us with pounding drums and a somewhat dark bell melody, the downright grooviness of the remix surpasses the original version, which is heavy inspired by Inner City but lacks the swing and energy that Terror Tone brings.  Can only imagine the damage this would do on a proper system.  This is a massive mix, and available for free download, so definitely grab a copy if you're feeling the funky on this.


Check out the original version of Kah-Lo - "Fasta" below: