Tune of the Week: Jorja Smith x Preditah - On My Mind

Wow, instantly fell in love with this one with Jorja Smith absolutely crushing the vocals with her dynamic performance and sweet melodies.  The vocals are definitely infectious and the lyrical content deserves praise as well.  Preditah provides a solid garage instrumental, a subtle yet effective backing track with those oh-so-lush chords he's known for.  Also a great VIP mix from Preditah that has a bit harder bass if you're not digging the more melodic original mix.  Nice cameo by the Kurupt FM boys in the video with a clever little quip from Grindah at the end stating "Uh, it was alright, it was a bit singy sorta thing innit..."  Sorry Grindah, going to have to disagree with you there, that's what makes the track for me, and that's why it's this week's Tune of the Week.