Weekly Review: Midnite Hustle & Cassie Compton - "Love Me Easy" (Remixes)

Every week we get a chance review our favourite releases out, taking in the best complete packages available in stores.  This week what really caught our ears were the brand new set of remixes of Midnite Hustle & Cassie Compton - "Love Me Easy," from Polyrockstudios.


In this re-release, Polyrockstudios throws out the downtempo and mixes it up with some quality garage remixes and each one is just as good as the next.  Starting off with Midi Logic's laid back 2-step mix with plenty of organ stabs and melodic synth lines, he stays true to the vibe of the original while adding a touch of the UKG sound, making it a good crossover for mainstream and underground.  

Lavonz brings his signature sound going right to that old-school 4x4 with the rough cut business and a thick, fat bass line that'll instantly grab your attention while Back2School provides a wonderful Afro-Carib rhythm on the drums with tasteful, mellow harmonies that gel nicely with the lead vocals of Cassie Compton.

Next, we have the "Zettin Dub", which gets right down to business with some hard bass lines and in your face 2-step drums.  Definitely the heaviest of the bunch, it still provides a nice contrast to the uplifting melodies played by the vibraphone.


Last but certainly not least is the "Hustle House Vocal Mix" which is sort of the oddball of the release, but just as good to listen, as it slows down to revisit the chill atmosphere from which the original is derived from.  Sort of reminds me a bit of Todd Edwards with it's use of chords in the instrumentals, a very nice compliment to the rest of the package.


Midnight Hustle & Cassie Compton - "Love Me Easy" (Remixes) is out now on your favourite digital stores.  Check out the whole set of remixes here on iTunes: