Jekyll Interview - "Day By Day EP"

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Jekyll has exploded into the garage scene with releases on Urban Dubz, Criminal Hype, and now Ultra Bass, bringing his signature moody and atmospheric sound generating support around the globe.  “Day By Day” is set to be his first release with Ultra Bass, bringing four speed garage tracks ranging from dark to euphoric, each one showcasing a modern sound inspired by the genre’s humble beginnings.  We take a moment to speak to Jekyll about his upcoming EP.  Also, scroll to the bottom to catch the exclusive free download from Ultra Bass Records.

You’ve been hard at work with a string of releases on some big labels, we’re glad to finally have you join the Ultra Bass family with “Day By Day.”  What was the creative motivation and influence behind the EP?


Jekyll:  "Thanks a lot mate I’m glad to be apart of Ultra Bass so thanks for getting me onboard, and to be honest haha, I couldn’t really tell you what motivated me to make any of my music, sometimes the ideas just turn up and I lay them down."


The title track is absolutely beautiful, and my personal favourite is “Don’t Call Me Baby,” yet all of the tunes are well-crafted.  What kind of music productions tools did you use to create the EP?


Jekyll: "I use FL studio and there are a few decent things I like to use on them like WASP, OGUN, MASSIVE, DX10 and TOXIC.  They are just a select few that i use to create my bass sounds.  My pads my synths and some nice euphoric sounds etc."

Growing up during the so-called “Golden Age” of UK Garage, what are some of your favourite artists from those days?


Jekyll: "I was still young when the UK Garage scene broke through.  I was listening to all sorts at the time like baseline and house, but i always had an MP3  player on my ways to school with some nice tracks on and my fave artists from back then, some of them still to this day are... Tuff Jam, Grant Nelson, R.I.P. Productions , Industry Standard, MJ Cole , Artfull Dodger , Jeremy Sylvester , N’n’G, and more, theres alot of good producers out there."


What are your thoughts on the garage scene today and what challenges does it present to a producer/DJ like yourself?


Jekyll:  "It looks like it’s slowly creeping back up into life again and i wouldn’t say I’ve got any sort of challenge in front of me, but I know what I want to do with the garage/house tracks I make, which is to make that sort of sound sort of like what I grew up on with that original organic oldschool sound and I’m just going to keep pushing these sorts of tracks into the garage scene and see what happens."


Top 3 artists of 2017 for you?


Jekyll:  "To be honest mate it’s hard for me, I have sort of got my music going in one direction in the garage scene and also my other style of music which is leading into the underground house scene, so I keep track on so many artists from both sides of the scene, so I’m going to go with LOCKLEAD, JORDAN O'REGAN , SCOTT DIAZ.  Bit of a hard choice but these lot are makin’ them garage/house vibes I’m into at the moment."


Any big plans for you in 2018?


Jekyll:  "Not really, got a couple of good releases coming on both garage and house labels early next year so can’t wait for that and also I have my first international booking the end of this year with JOEDAN over in Canada but I’ll just keep releasing my music and let’s see what happens."

Jekyll's "Day By Day" EP is out tomorrow October 6th on Ultra Bass Records.  Check out for the full previews below on Soundcloud.

Free Download: Jekyll - I Need A Miracle (Original Mix)