Ultra Bass Records is a Toronto based record label obsessed with UK Garage, Speed Garage, 2-Step, and Underground House Music. Established in late September 2014 by old-school speed garage producer 'DJ KOR' and run by producer 'Lamont Dex' from August 2015, Ultra Bass Records aims to provide a quality outlet for all types of house and garage producers to once again bring their 'Underground Sound' sound to the masses. We are free of trends, movements, politics, hype, secondary motives, and we are border-less. Producers from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, and The Netherlands have all graced the covers of our releases. We simply wish to provide people with a quality selection of house and more specifically garage music that has been so deprived of us throughout the last decade of various wild and crazy electronic dance music movements. Garage music has undoubtedly awakened from its brief hibernation and is back for good! Thanks for visiting us and we hope you enjoy our artists' music!



Our Team is actively looking for fresh new house and garage artists, especially 'Speed Garage' artists!

If you wish to be a part of us, please submit your music to the email below and we will listen as soon as possible. Ensure your creation fits our style and is of good quality - preferably 320kbps or higher.  Thank you very much and we look forward to hearing your masterpiece!