ZEMON - "Dark" Out Now

Man like ZEMON has been busy lately, delivering some rude tunes, including his EP with Ultra Bass Records “Dark EP,” a pair of deliciously dark 2-step garage that will certainly test the low end of your playback system.  Showcasing is rough and unapologetic style, the “Dark EP” proves to be one of the hardest and dare I say, evil-sounding releases ever to grace Ultra Bass.  Out now on all major music platforms - https://ultra-bass-records.lnk.to/f6jp1WE

With the “Dark EP” out October 20th, and “Algorhythm Vol. 1” on the 30th with Highly Swung Records, you have been supplying a steady string of quality releases.  How do you keep up such high productivity?  Any advice you can give to those struggling with writer’s block?


ZEMON: Be militant. All or nothing. Live music or leave music. You have to decide you want to do this 100% and make according social and financial sacrifices. No relationships, no going out on weekends, part time jobs only - working is merely sponsorship of your music making, so minimum time for maximum survival is key. You don’t need a car or holiday - GET BACK INTO THE STUDIO! Sleeping and cooking are overrated also.


How did you get into the garage scene?


ZEMON: I have never seen myself as part of any scene really mostly due to my lack in social skills but also the idea that a 'scene’ always means excluding non-scene members of the public. But garage as a genre is incredibly open for all sorts of influences from other genres at the moment and I love that a lot. I can go from below 130 to above 140, make it deep and dark or bumpy and snappy, dubby, bassy, funky, minimal … but you can say that about any genre I guess. I just love the garage shuffle.


Any favourite moments as a DJ or fan?


ZEMON: Played Garage Nation this summer and having some guys you look up to a lot come up to your deck during your set and wheeling a tune you made in preparation for that very gig was nice.


If you could work with any musician, who would it be and why?


ZEMON: Dead or alive? .. Frank Zappa!! Alive ones I am not sure about, for me making music is still something pretty private, I am only just getting used to making music with other people again. It can be fun but ultimately i prefer to have executive control if I come to think about it. But I would love to watch every musician that has ever influenced me do their work.


Where can we hear you DJ?


ZEMON: I have a fortnightly show on sub.fm and religiously upload my podcasts on their homepage so there’s a few days of continuous DJ ZEMON to be caught up with on there.

I also have a gig in Brighton coming up in November with In The Face which will be a bassline garage extravaganza - b2b madness, really looking forward to that one.


Any shout-outs?


ZEMON: My mother ( RIP )

Matthias Kadar

Tik, Budgie Smuggla and the In:Flux family

Dj Impact and the Highly Swung family

King Hydra and the In The Face family

Krissi B and the Northern Line family

Tigs and the Raw Tactics family

DJ Wisk & the Brum family

Brighton & Berlin families

and obviously, last but not least: