ADE 2017 Review & The Future Of UK Garage In Europe

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Now that the dust has settled after an amazing trip to the Netherlands for the Amsterdam Dance Event, I look back at the experience overall and realize a huge hole to fill for our international UK Garage community.

Immediately exiting the train station after landing in Amsterdam from a red-eye flight, I am greeted by the most stereotypical welcoming party Amsterdam could offer; literally running into two high class escorts (I'm clumsy) in front of a coffee shop just opening for business, as some guy is hurdled over the street curb puking his insides out from a night of too much fun.  Amsterdamaged.  However, ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) is much more than seemingly lawless partying and fun, it's a great congregation of everybody important in the underground community.  You run into just about everybody, the heads of Traxsource, teams working on Splice, publishers, promoters, and a lot of your favourite DJs.  It's an amazing opportunity to network and talk shop with the underground house community, but where's all the garage DJs?


While Amsterdam is certainly saturated with music events during the week, I still see it as a perfect moment to bring all the UKG DJ's and producers from around the world, showcasing some of the world's top talent in events, talks, workshops as well as provide a perfect networking opportunity for artists, labels and promoters to work together and spread the vibe.  I met up with Gee Doo from Speedfreax and talked a bit about the garage community in the Netherlands, and his brand is doing a stellar job pushing well produced events featuring top artists from the UK and abroad.  It's still a small blip in a country dominated by house, techno and EDM but shows there's room for the genre to grow, and people like the Speedfreax team are helping plant the seeds.


Check out some of their music and videos from previous shows, it's f***ing amazing.

LAST NIGHT AT SPEEDFREAX 🐋🐋🐋 vid by @sarie_djojomarto #spdfrx #speedfreax #djblaize #annabel

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Also, a big shout out to Vaden and the Garage Inflections family out in St. Petersburg coming up on their 6th anniversary of spreading the garage vibes in Russia.  I'm willing to bet most people in the UK never thought it would reach as far as Russia, Canada, and even South Africa.  Garage is going worldwide thanks to people like Vaden and Gee.  One of our main goals at Ultra Bass is to continue spreading the garage sounds through our label including artists from Canada, United States, Germany, and of course all over the United Kingdom.  So to see these guys who share the same vision and passion, and have been doing it longer than us is really motivating.  Our aim next year is to continue building these bridges at ADE 2018 and other events, so if you're down for the movement, hit us up!