Weekly Review: Gangsteppaz & Ania Dudek - Symbioza (Hidden Art & Trap Door Remix)

With the theme at Ultra Bass lately being international UK Garage groups, it was only fitting to look into the Polish syndicate with this wonderful 2-step ambient vocal remix of Gangsteppaz & Ania Dudek's "Symbioza."


"Symbioza" which translated means "symbiosis," starts off with some epically lush pads as the vocal drifts in with the main melody.  Hidden Art & Trap Door capture a wonderful almost aquatic vibe in the intro with very atmospheric synths that compliment Ania's vocals perfectly.  Don't get too comfortable though, because hidden underneath is a some big bad bass business that comes creeping in just at the 2:00 minute mark, suddenly hitting you with a skippy 2-step garage beat and metallic warping synths.  First starting off with a tense static bass line, it goes right into a more melodic sequence that compliments the opening chord progression but with a tougher edge.  As effortlessly as it came in, the beat softly wisps away back into the those chords.  Repeating these sections again, but with some slight noticeable variations, the Hidden Art & Trap Door remix does well to honour the deepness of the original while spinning it into garage rework that can fit into even the hardest of sets, with a solid contrast of hard and soft textures.


Find the full release including the original and Placide remix on iTunes.