Free Download: Mind of a Dragon - "M.M.W."

Mind of a Dragon dropping some new bad bwoy business with this free download "M.M.W." a Justin Bieber bootleg that mixes rough drums with smooth pads, low bumpy bass lines with sweet melodic vocal edits and is an absolute essential in your mix for this week.  


Keeping the bass train rolling, MOAD has been busy this year, showing us why he's been one of the most sought after producers recently with releases with TC4 and Slime Recordings, as well as his single "Lemonade." While fans and supporters alike are always ready to drop a few down for a new tune, it's always great to see people like MOAD giving back offering up these free downloads.  It's not the first time he's been this generous, as there have some other bangin' tracks released for zero cost on his including one of my favourites "Something" which I'm bashing out on the regular.  If you're liking the sounds, give some support with a repost, like, or share and check out his album on Red Balloon Dubs, "Keep Cracking On."