Throwback Thursday: Restless Natives - "I Wanna Know"

Going back to 2000 for this absolute anthem from Restless Natives, "I Wanna Know" dedicated to all the 9-5ers in the world, this one's been rinsed during it's time but I still never tired of it.  This one out to those grinding it out daily, "I Wanna Know" reflects on the tiring routine of working day in and day out.  With a collection of some solid remixes from Y-Tribe, Club Asylum, this one's always in my bag for those UK Garage classic sets.  An R&B styled vocal, hard 2-step beat, and of course that quintessential horn stab, fills in all the blanks for a major tune in my book.  The vocals certainly drive the song, and help it appeal to a wide audience.  The chorus is infectious, and the call-and-response verses and hooks make it great to sing along to (horribly, in my case might I add).  With such a feel good vibe despite the subject matter of the lyrics, it's hard not to love this one, and that's why we picked it for this week's "Throwback Thursday."