Throwback Thursday: Sovereign - "Truly"

"Who knows about d-d-d-d-diiis ooooonnne?" said in my best MC Blenda impression.  Oh my, what a groove machine this one is with that skippy 2-step beat from Sovereign along with that dubby bass sound that's oh so punchy.  A remix of Eboni Foster's - "Everything You Do," this one definitely takes the cake (though it's hard to beat that classic 90's RnB sound).  Something about pitching up those soulful, lush vocals makes me like it more, but really "Truly" is a complete package.  Even the smallest details like the classy chord stabs that start out the tune and some wobbly goodness can elevate a record to legend status.  As the caption says "slick UK Garage from back in the day..." and yes yes, it is slick!