Throwback Thursday: Dreem Teem - "The Theme"

Dreem Teem - "The Theme" is one of those UK Garage classics that have stood the test of time, and is still bashed out in bumpy garage fashion from time to time.  Twenty years on, you can hear how it's influence carries on in many modern house and garage tunes.  Skippy drums, a rough and bumpy bass line, and those chords...lush!  Also a wonderful vocal edit on the dub, providing just enough of that human element, while leaving plenty of room for live performances.  Released during what some might consider the height of the UK Garage era, this is certainly one to be remembered for it's impact then and now.  Several mixes of this were released including a full vocal, a 2-step remix, and a couple dubs with the "Deep Dream Dub" being my favourite of the bunch.  The full vocal one is growing on me though, with a full spectrum horns, synths, and wonderful harmonies in the vocals, definitely one for the soulful crew.